Friday 23 August 2019

September Start for Badminton (& Bowling)

Today’s newsletter is unusual in that it’s a BADMINTON newsletter that also talks about BOWLING.

            The 2019-20 badminton season is fast approaching. We hope you have had a good summer and are looking forward to playing badminton again.
            Opening day is Tuesday Sept. 10th and closing day is Tuesday June 23, 2020. Play nights run most Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 9:30 pm.
            Fee options are as per last season, as set out below. All fees should be paid before going on court to play. We encourage all players to come out as often as possible so that there is a good variety of players and games every night.

Fee Options for Memberships
Full Season Membership: $80 for adult (players over 18 year s old),
$40 for juniors (players under 19 years old).
Half Season Membership (Session #1, Sept 10th to Jan. 30th): Adults @ $45, Juniors @ $25.
Half Season Memberships (Session #2, Feb. 4th to June 23rd): Adults @ $45, Juniors @ $25.

Fee Options for Nightly (Pay by the Night) Players
Adults @ $5 per night; Juniors @ $2 per night.
Nightly players can convert to season/session members at any time of the year. They will be credited with half of the nightly fees that they have already paid within the season/session when they convert.

            One of last year’s badminton club members, Dan Bazinet, has been brave enough to take a major gamble -- he’s purchased and renovated the defunct bowling alley in Tweed. It’s now called “Tweed Lanes”. It too will be starting up in September.
            Our badminton club has an unusual connection to bowling -- in our early years of operation we received a major boost in attendance when Tweed’s bowling alley shut down and many bowlers looked to badminton for an alternative social night out.
            Perhaps our club can reciprocate and help Tweed Lanes. There are players in our mailing list who have not been very active badminton-wise over the past few years. It's possible those players would be interested in bowling and can give Tweed Lanes the boost it needs for a good startup -- hopefully while continuing to support our club too.           
            Dan’s phone # is (613) 919-9549; email is; and website is


See you on court.
The Executive
(Terry M., Pres.; Dave. C., Director; Andy D., Director)