Sunday 28 April 2024

Club’s Year End under New Management

Today’s email contains several important announcements.

Ongoing rehearsals for the school’s play will deprive us of the last 2 scheduled play nights of our regular season, so there will be no badminton on May 14 & 16. Instead, there will be badminton on May 21 & May 23.


Some of our players are keen to play beyond the regular season, from May 28 to June 20. Session fees don’t cover the extra nights, so all players will have to pay the normal nightly fees in order to cover gym rent costs.


The May 28 to June 20 period will be supervised by Eli Levi and Aren-Kramer Schwartz. Eli first played at the club as a young junior, along with his father Mike and brother Ahodhan. After a lengthy absence, Eli returned to the club last year as an exceptionally talented and caring player.  Aren first started indoor badminton, here, at the club in 2023. She is enthusiastic and lives for the sport, and has rapidly improved her skills.


Most importantly for the club in the long run, is that Eli, with Aren’s help, has agreed to manage the club into the future. So, from May 28th onward the club will have energetic younger people at its helm. At 87, after 18 1/2 years heading the club’s executive, I’m more than pleased to pass the baton on to Eli and Aren. The rest of the current executive (David, Mark & Ellen) share my perspective.



Sunday 7 April 2024

Badminton Cancelled on Thursday April 11th

The school board has advised us that badminton is cancelled on Thursday April 11th due to a school event. Please come out on Tuesday if you want to play badminton this week.