Code of Conduct

Participants shall:
  • Sign in and pay (if required) before going onto the courts, sign out when leaving
  • Show respect for others and treat them with dignity regardless of age, ability, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, social status, or sexual orientation.
  • Show zero tolerance for disruptive behavior - loud, abusive or profane language; throwing of equipment
  • Wear clean and dry non marking indoor shoes
  • Be aware of the clubs strong recommendation to wear protective eye-wear (mandatory for players aged less than 19 years)
  • Participate in the setting up of the equipment and subsequent clearing away, leave the gyms tidy
  • Be aware of health and safety for their own and other players’ sake and ensure as far as possible there are no hazards on or near the court (e.g. clearing up a water spillage promptly)
  • Give matches in play a wide berth when entering/exiting adjacent courts
  • Call the lines fairly and accept opponent’s rulings graciously (remember it is only the lines on your own side you are responsible for)
  • Congratulate all participants on their performance regardless of the game’s outcome