Thursday 10 February 2022


Like many people in the rest of the world we would like to get on with life without the severe restrictions that fighting the pandemic has required. 

Our Centre Hastings Badminton Club has been inoperative for almost 2 years now because of the pandemic. It continues to be our intention to resume badminton as soon as our district's School Board says that can happen safely. Even though the pandemic seems to be easing off locally, the Board is not yet able to approve restarting our Club, and will inform us when a go-ahead is possible. 

We sorely miss playing the game. Playing badminton regularly is an important way to achieve and maintain good mental and physical health. 

If you can't wait for our club to reopen, email to see if the Belleville Badminton Club can accommodate new players in its 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Thursday time-slot at Quinte Christian High School on Wallbridge Loyalist Parkway. That school's school board recently allowed BBC to restart badminton.

See you on court soon (hopefully).

Terry Mandzy, Pres.