Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Glen Crowley Night

Hi everyone,

Centre Hastings Secondary School has confirmed that there won't be any school events to conflict with having our 7th Annual Glen Crowley Night on Tues. Nov. 19th. Glen will be at the Club that night with all his paraphernalia as usual. Light refreshments will be available at no charge to members and guests, for consumption outside of the gyms. 

For those newcomers who don't know, Glen is known as the “String Doctor”, supplying birds and repairing racquets for our club and at badminton tournaments, and is heavily involved in servicing tennis and squash activities as well. He is a racquet specialist in the Quinte area. Glen is an Ontario “B” badminton player and is a member of the Belleville Badminton Club. Glen will show us his badminton wares which will include clothing, running shoes, racquets and safety glasses, with some items specially priced for the showing. There will probably be a selection of demonstrator racquets for players to try out.

Glen is also chef and co-owner of Kelly’s restaurant on Highway 37 between Hwy 7 and Tweed. He can generally be reached at the restaurant for badminton stuff, from noon to past supper on Wednesdays through Sundays during the winter. (phone 613-478-2113).

Please mark your calendar for this event and come out on the 19th.