Thursday, 17 September 2015

Round Robin & Regular Play on Tues. Sept. 22nd

Hello everyone,

This is to let you know that Tuesday Sept. 22nd is the club’s first round robin night of the season.  Round robins are restricted to those over 13 years old.  Courts will be available for regular play for those that don’t enter the round robins.  Joan and I will likely choose regular play to make sure both kinds of play take place that night.

If you intend to play in one of the round robins you must arrive by 7:15 that night and register with Mark who will then set up the draw sheets.  Players in the round robins must be prepared to stay till 9:30 if necessary.

For those who are new to the club, here’s how the round robins work.  Each court is assigned 4 or 5 players of roughly equal ability.  A round robin is played where you partner with each player on your court multiple times.  Based on the results you move up or down in the club's rankings for the next round robin.  It's basically a promotion/relegation system where the top performer is promoted one court, the bottom performer is relegated down one court, and the middle performers stay put.  It's also dependent on which players participate on any given night.

See you on court,