Monday 25 January 2016

Badminton Jan. 26, Jan. 28 & Feb.1

Hello everyone,

Three reminders for you:

1) Tuesday Jan. 26th is the last round robin night of January. Round robins are restricted to those 14 years and older.  There will also be regular play that night for those not interested in the round robins.  
As always: If you intend to play in one of the round robins you must arrive by 7:15 that night and register with Mark who will then set up the draw sheets.  Players in the round robins must be prepared to stay till 9:30 if necessary.

2) Thursday Jan. 28th is the last day of the season's first badminton session, so "single session" memberships expire at the end of that day.

3) Tuesday Feb. 1st is the start of the season's second session which runs until June 16th.  All players who don't have "double session" memberships must pay either the nightly fee or a single session membership fee.  The nightly fees are $5/$2 and the session fees are $45/$25 for adults/juniors.  Please pay before going on court to play.

See you on court,
Terry, Dave, Mark, Mike, & Gill