Wednesday, 2 November 2016

November badminton

November’s full badminton schedule can be found on the club's calendar, but here are the highlights:

1) Two round robin nights have been scheduled, the first being on Thursday November 3rd, and the second being on Tuesday the 15th.  Please remember that players participating in round robins must be at least 14 years old and must sign in by 7:20 with Mark, and must be prepared to stay until 9:30 if necessary.  Courts will be available for regular play for those not wanting or not eligible to play in round robins. 

2) We will be contacting Glen Crowley this week to arrange for the club’s annual Glen Crowley Night which will be later this month or early in December on a date that fits school activities (we’ll advise you later of the actual date).  That’s the night when Glen brings a wide selection of badminton-related stuff for club members to try out or purchase, such as clothes, running shoes, racquets and accessories.  He also does minor repairs that night, and takes away racquets for restringing.  The club provides light snacks.

See you on court,
The exec. (Terry, Mark, Mike, Dave & Henry)