Tuesday 4 September 2018

New Badminton Season, and New Executive

Hello everyone,

         We hope you have had a good summer and are looking forward to another badminton season. Opening day is Tuesday Sept. 11th and closing day is Thursday June 20th. Play runs from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. most Tuesdays and Thursdays.
         Fee options are as per last season, as set out below. All fees should be paid before going on court to play. We encourage all players to come out as often as possible so that there is a good variety of players and games every night.
         News about our executive is also set out below.

Fee Options for Memberships
Full Season Membership: $80 for adult (players over 18 year s old),
$40 for juniors (players under 19 years old).
Half Season Membership (Session #1, Sept 11th to Jan. 31st): Adults @ $45, Juniors @ $25.
Half Season Memberships (Session #2, Feb. 5th to June 20th): Adults @ $45, Juniors @ $25.

Fee Options for Nightly (Pay by the Night) Players
Adults @ $5 per night; Juniors @ $2 per night.
Nightly players can convert to season/session members at any time of the year. They will be credited with half of the nightly fees that they have already paid within the season/session when they convert.

News about the Executive:
         Mark has retired from the executive and from our club. He has become an executive member of BBC (the Belleville Badminton Club). Mark has contributed in many major ways to our club. As treasurer, he handled the club’s finances and various school board issues. He also developed and managed our website as well as the club’s Round Robin activities. We thank Mark for all the time and effort he has devoted to our club.
         Mark will strengthen the ongoing relationship we have with BBC and he’ll be here to play from time to time along with other BBC members.
         Mike P. has been an executive in name only for the past two years while he prepared for becoming a real estate agent. Mike was Mark’s technical support for developing and refining our website. Mike has resigned and is a full-time realtor.
         Henry T. is now the club’s treasurer. He will be arranging for other aspects of Mark’s activities to continue. Henry will as well continue with his coaching, annual tournament, and interclub promotional activities.
         Andy D. has joined the executive as a director and will be involved with Henry to assure the club’s website and communications activities continue.
         Dave C. continues as a director. He chairs executive and club meetings and contributes sound advice when needed. His wife, Barbara, is now retired which means their personal activities will expand and we’ll see Dave less often at the club.
         Terry M. continues as president. He’s recovering from a full-knee replacement operation and is not supposed to play badminton until mid October. He will be at the club from day one to help with sign-ins and fee-taking. He’ll also be updating adverts about the club to media, community links, and to the general public.
         More directors are required to help keep the club going. The club is now in its 13th year. Terry is close to a retirement that will be mandated by the physical limitations of age. Please let the executive know if you feel you can help the club in any way.


See you on court.
The Executive