Wednesday 7 November 2018

November badminton & Round Robin Nights

Please note the following information.
1) Just in: We won’t get the gyms until 7:30 pm on Thurs. Nov. 8th.

2) We now plan to have a Round Robin (RR) Night on Nov. 15th as well as on Nov. 22nd. Until attendance is consistently large enough, the club will have RR nights infrequently and only when Belleville Club members are guaranteed to visit us, which is when their permits are cancelled. Nov. 15th and Nov. 22nd are the first such opportunities. Once our club’s nightly attendance becomes large enough we may resume having RR nights twice a month, spaced at least two weeks apart.

Players age 14 and over are eligible to play in the round robins provided they can play till 9:30 if necessary. They must sign up for the RRs by 7:20 p.m. at the latest. There will always be regular play for those not wanting to play in the round robins.

See you on court,

Ye Executive.