Monday 21 January 2019

Jan. 22, 31, and Feb 5th

Please note the following:

1) Tues Jan. 22nd is a Round Robin (RR) Night. Players age 14 and over are eligible to play in the round robins provided they can play till 9:30 if necessary. They must sign up for the RRs by 7:20 p.m. at the latest. There will always be regular play for those not wanting to play in the round robins.

2) Jan. 31st badminton has been cancelled because of a school dance. The Belleville Badminton club will welcome adults at Quinte Christian High School on that night provided its gym hasn't been cancelled.

3) Jan. 31st was scheduled to be the last night of this season’s first session of badminton. The second session starts on Tues. Feb 5th. Starting on the 5th, those who haven’t paid for the full season need to pay the session fee of $45 for adults or $25 for juniors (players under 19). Nightly fees must be paid until the session fees are paid, and half the nightly fees paid in the session will be credited towards the session fees. Nightly fees are $5/$2 for adults/juniors.

See you on court,

The Exec.